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Black Swan Healing, LLC

Take a Breath

Let it Go

The black swan represents an insight about yourself that changes your position of shame to compassion. Let’s connect and see if trauma focused therapy is right for you.

Meet Niko

Hello and Hafa Adai. My name is Niko (He/Him) and I am a mixed race Chamoru from the Pacific Northwest. I provide culturally attuned, trauma-focused therapy to teens (15+) and adults in Oregon and Washington. I work best with other multicultural, mixed, bi-racial and other marginalized individuals- especially those who have been impacted by identity issues, spiritual/cult abuse, racism, childhood trauma and addiction.

Therapeutic Approach

Many of our emotional wounds are relational. Whether that be through the lack of something we needed in a caregiver, like love or consistency, or the addition of something we didn’t need. Our caretakers, significant others, coworkers, classmates and friends may have taught us something about ourselves which we accepted as normal in order to fit in, exist or survive.

With this in mind, I focus deeply on building a strong, caring and respectful relationship with you. I invite you to bring all parts of yourself into our work together- however complex, shameful or scary they may feel. My hope is that our therapeutic relationship can be a blueprint to help you connect to the love within yourself and an authentic community. We will ultimately customize a style of therapy that best suits you but here are some of my favorite services to offer:



Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Integration

Multicultural Counseling

Multicultural Counseling

In addition,

– My training and educational background is in addiction counseling. We can talk openly about how substance use, or your relationship with food has affected you and your family. I use motivational interviewing, a collaborative goal oriented approach, to help you gain insight and gain a sense of empowerment with your unwanted habit. Additionally, I work from a harm reduction lens which focused creating compassionate goals for yourself while we work alongside your trauma.

-Somatic focused and mindfulness based therapy to help you calm your mind and reconnect to your body. This can be especially helpful in preparation for EMDR, psychedelic assisted therapy- or if you are having trouble managing your emotional triggers or anxiety in your day to day life.

I primarily offer Telehealth services at this time.

May all of the times that someone made an incorrect assumption about you activate a new sense of humility and patience in your mind that stops you from doing the same thing to another person in the future -Yung Pueblo

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) at 988 or 911 if you need immediate support. For additional mental health resources, check out the resources page