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Psychedelic Integration

What is Psychedelic Integration?

Not to be confused with psychedelic-assisted therapy where a trained professional is present while you ingest the medicine and support you through your journey, psychedelic integration deals more with supporting you with the before and after. It uses a harm reduction approach that allows you to have a safer and more adequately informed experience in using psychedelics as a medicine for healing trauma.

Psychedelic Integration can also be useful in supporting and reducing the risks of microdosing. 

What are the Risks of Using Psychedelics?

Participating in psychedelic therapy or ceremony comes with inherent risk. The obvious risk that most psychedelics are still illegal. It’s important to slow down and take time to make sure you test before you ingest. Additionally, another factor to consider is how much you trust the person who plans to guide you through your experience. There have been multiple reports of sexual assault in the underground, as well as in research trials. Making sure you can interview your guide/sitter before hand and have a clear conversation about consent to touch and boundaries is paramount. As an alternative, having a trusted friend who can be your trip sitter can be a safer and more affordable option. Fireside Project is another free resource for preparation, as well as crisis support if your need help in the middle of your journey.

What are the Benefits Psychedelic Integration?

  • Help prepare individuals for meaningful psychedelic experiences and reduce the risk of a “bad trip” or poor outcome
  • Provide information supported by the latest research around the benefits and risks of psychedelic therapy in a therapeutic or microdosing context
  • Practice somatic resources using EMDR, relaxation and breathing techniques that can be used to regulate your nervous system while on your journey
  • Create thoughtful intentions and treatment goals in order to address and implement mental health and addiction concerns on your journey
  • Provide a safe container for ongoing psychotherapy support to help you integrate your non-ordinary insights into your daily life

How Can I Give Back to Communities who have been devastated by Psychedelic Tourism?

It is also important to acknowledge that the white washed nature of psychedelic culture didn’t happen by accident. Indigenous communities who have practiced with sacred medicines for centuries are largely overshadowed by the current research and “discovery” of psychedelics. Chacruna is an incredible organization where you can learn more about the cultural traditions of psychedelic medicines, as well as donate to their reciprocity program to the communities who have been largely devastated.


  • I do not provide any illegal substances or a source to any illegal substances
  • I do not provide psychedelic-assisted therapy and do not facilitate access to psychedelic substances or underground guides

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